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Library Writers Project Manager at Ooligan Press

During my time at Ooligan Press, I had the unique opportunity of being a project manager for one of the upcoming books that will be published in Spring 2024. Within this role, I managed a team of 5-7 students and worked with them to bring the book to life. I received hands on experience managing a production timeline for the French Sci-Fi Project. I also served as the point of contact for the author. Each week I led two meetings to discuss the project and delegate tasks as needed. During my time with the project, the main focus was on the beginning stages of production including marketing, development, and fundraising. This title is Ooligan’s first translated anthology, and I helped create new workflows to accommodate the project’s unique needs, including leading a fundraising campaign.¬†

French Sci-Fi Fundraising Campaign 

As project manager, I led the fundraising campaign to cover the rights and translation costs of the project. I managed the campaign and was the main point of contact. I had to put out fires several times when technical difficulties arose. I also worked heavily on the promotion of this campaign leading a social media campaign and doing speaking engagements with the author in order to raise engagement. 

Fundraising Campaign Layout

Project Management